I truly appreciate everything Tiffani has done for me and the branding of my business!

- Nikki Shaw, Celebrity Chef -



I'm Tiff! Former Hollywood PR girl, information junkie, brand strategist, design aficionado, and curly headed boss chick who helps businesses in the fashion, beauty, food and entertainment industry realize their full potential through the use of BRANDING. I've absorbed countless books, courses and articles on the psychology of branding and what it can do to make a business (YOUR BUSINESS) successful. For over 10 years now I have been honing in on my knowledge and experience in branding and design and it has brought me (and YOU) to this very moment. Why am I so passionate about this work? Because I've been on the other side of the struggle and trying to find my lane. The sleepless nights, the overwhelm of what direction to go in. I've had a PR business, t-shirt business, hair business, some "F" this shit moments, and why can't I just hit the lottery?! (don't act like you've never thought that before), but in the end there is no person I'd rather be or job I'd rather be doing. This is my passion and I'm in LOVE WITH IT and I'm here to help you and your audience fall in love with yours. That is why I created How to Brand the S**t Out of Your Business™. I want you to have the blueprint I didn't have so you can reach your business goals sooner than later. 

10 TANTILIZING Tidbits about Tiff

(try saying that fast 3 times)

1. I was a Hollywood PR girl for 7 years. First working with NBA athletes then some A-list actors. I traveled and did red carpets and attended NBA Drafts, Emmys, and Grammys. I was in my 20's and it was an amazing time.

2. When I first graduated from college I was a serious painter, did art shows and everything.

3. I'm a night owl and will often stay up till 3AM.

4. I love to make gumbo and usually make it at least once a month during the winter and fall.

5. My parents were high school sweet hearts. My mom had me when she was 18.

6. I'm an LA girl who doesn't like driving on the freeway.

7. I come from a big family, my mom has 5 brothers and one sister. My dad has 4 sisters. I have 3 brothers and too many cousins to count.

8. I collect movies, I have over 300 DVDs, and tapes. Yes I'm probably the only person who still uses a VCR.

9. My favorite perfume is called "NOA". It was discontinued

10. I'm a freckle face and didn't get them till I was 12 years old. It started out with just 5 or 6 then they covered my nose in over a year.

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Tiffani Ink helped me turn my idea into a BRAND! I was in the beginning stages of opening my online store and needed help with EVERYTHING! I read a blog online that listed the top 5 graphic designers to check out and Tiffani Ink was one of them. I checked out her website and was really impressed with the work that I saw. When I first reached out to Tiffani, I didn't have a name for my store or know the first thing about creating a brand. Tiffani Ink's How to Brand the S**t Out of Your Business™ exercises helped me create my brand name and personality, pinpoint my target audience and focus all of my ideas into something concrete. Tiffani created visually interesting design elements including my logo, business cards, coming soon page, website, and packaging. Tiffani Ink is definitely THE one stop shop for branding and design. Also, Tiffani is a pleasure to work with! Her creativity is spot on and unlike what you can find elsewhere or do on your own. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to create a brand that will stand the test of time to reach out to Tiffani Ink for help!

- Peace Manuagwu, Founder of Madame & Chief -

As owner of Hot Body Fitness boutique I was seeking someone to come up with a unique brand concept and design a beautiful logo, flyers, and website. I was referred to Tiffani Ink by a colleague of mine that used her services for various projects that she had going on. I viewed some of Tiffani's work and I absolutely loved it! When I submitted what it was I needed her to do for me, she came up with the perfect logo for my business. While working with Tiffani Ink and using her How to Brand the S**t Out of Your Business™ tool kit, I have had huge improvements with my marketing campaign. I also have found it to be very convenient because she is very prompt and attentive to my needs as a client.

- Sharika Giddens, Founder of Hot Body Fitness Boutique -


Tiffani ink has been great for my business. Because I am a unique producer of teen and family content I needed someone to design a website that suited my brand perfectly and Tiffani was able to do just that. My assistant found Tiffani by recommendation in 2012 and we've been happy with her services ever since. I've received numerous compliments on the website and my business is all the better for it. Thanks Tiffani!

- Doreen Spicer, Producer, Spicerack Productions -



Tiffani Ink continues to exceed all of my branding expectations. The Curvy Plus Model brand is now real thanks to Tiffani Ink and her How to Brand the S**t Out of Your Business™ tool kit. Tiffani does more than create, she inspires. Thank You Tiffani Ink for bringing life to my brand. 

- Janna Jones, The Curvy Plus Model -


I initially approached Tiffani Ink to update our company logo. Once I saw what she did with our logo we asked if she could update our website as well. Tiff’s work is what I like to call “SWAGALICIOUS” it has made our brand messaging unlike any other in our industry. The produce industry can be stuffy but with the help of Tiff’s How to Brand the S**t Out of Your Business™ strategies we have gained much notoriety in our business. In the 4 short years we have been working with Tiffani Ink we have received more attention with our 20 year old brand than we ever have in the past. We receive compliment after compliment on the design work and messaging Tiff creates for us. Time and time again Tiffani Ink hits the ball out of the park!

- Ray Keffer, Vice President of J&K Fresh LLC. -